Off-the-beaten-track. Challenging Snowdon ascent

A weekend adventure to really challenge yourself, summiting Wales largest mountain Snowdon while recalling the ancient Welsh legends enshrined in the castles and mountains

This weekend adventure promises to blend ancient castles and legendary tales with an off-the-beaten-track 1,000ft ascent to the top of Wales largest mountain, Mt Snowdon. Legend and reality will merge together as you hike the Watkin path, a lesser known circuit track all the way to the summit. This path allows yourself to escape the rush to the top amidst waterfalls, rare flowers, weather beaten trails and outstanding views.  Afterwards, your hard work will be rewarded with the opportunity to rest and eat besides a sprawling medieval castle in Caernarfon, where you will learn of tales and legends gone-by.

As you enjoy the sunset reflecting off the ancient castle, traditional Welsh food will be waiting for you in an authentic inn. Sandwiched either side of this adventure is plenty of time to explore the peaceful seaside town of Llandudno, where your hotel offers impressive sea-views and further opportunity to tour, rest and eat in a traditional Welsh background. 

From the ocean to the peaks, throughout the same weekend you will become at one with Wales’ famous lush green nature, dominating mountains, fairytale-like castles, sweeping coasts and charming traditional villages, with ample time to sample the delicious traditional treats and meals that Wales has become well-known for.

  • Rest: relax in Llandudno, a peaceful seaside town, crowned by the majestic Great Orme mountain. 
  • Eat: warm up early in the morning with a hearty breakfast.
  • Tour: reach the summit of Wales’ tallest mountain as you climb to over 3,500 feet on the stunning and lesser known Watkin Path. 
  • Tour: enjoy the sunset at Caernarfon Castle, built on legends and bitter medieval conflict. 
  • Eat: finish your day with a plentiful dinner at an old traditional Welsh tavern.

You can arrive at any time to our accommodation in Llandudno, although we recommend an early start to get parked up and enjoy your first introductions to this peaceful seaside town. You will stay over at the Whitehouse Hotel on Llandudno seafront, the perfect spot to enjoy awe-inspiring views over the bay.

Today promises to be one of the most rewarding days of your year, full of opportunity to wonder at the marvels of the Welsh landscape. Early in the morning, straight after breakfast, you’ll begin your 50 minute drive into Snowdonia, the largest National Park in Wales. Along the way, you can lose yourself on the winding roads that hug the mountain as you leave the coast and go deeper into the famous Welsh mountain ranges,where your off-the-beaten-track adventure will truly begin. The beauty of this track is its serenity and awe-inspiring views from Bwlch Ciliau, overlooking the horseshoe valley below. Often quoted as the most scenic route to the top, it manages to avoid the hustle and bustle of the more popular paths to the summit. The hike should take around 5-7 hours, depending on conditions. 

After such an adventure a well deserved rest will be had in Caernarfon, an old royal town on the Menai Strait. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop at the medieval castle at sunset, boasting an impressive curtain wall of nine polygonal towers and historical tales. This fulfilling day will be concluded with an authentic Welsh dinner at an old traditional tavern, before heading back to Llandudno.

If you are not in a rush to leave, Llandudno is the perfect place to relax after such an exciting and rewarding weekend. The Whitehouse hotel is just around 5 minutes’ walk from the Great Orme Tramway, an old cable-hauled tram that can take you to just below the summit of the Great Orme headland, where views over the Irish sea and the West shore beach will take your breath away. Alternatively, you can take a stroll on the lively two-mile-long promenade, a staple of any stay in Llandudno Bay.

We also thoroughly recommend a stop at Conwy Castle, a magnificent medieval fortress home to tales and legends from over 700 years ago, still towering over the town today.

What’s included 

  • Tour: A Local mountain leader 
  • Rest: Two nights at White House Hotel, Llandudno (double / twin rooms)
  • Eat: One dinner in a traditional Caernarfon tavern

What’s not included 

  • Meals other than stated
  • Travel insurance 
  • Tips 
  • Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to offer transport to the locations. However, this will be discounted from the total price and full information on how to get to each location will be provided. 
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Off-the-beaten-track. Challenging Snowdon ascent

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